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Reflection on 2014 and some expat resolutions

Another year has flown by. Why do we always say that? “Oh, doesn’t time go so fast these days?” I suppose it does really. The older you get the more responsibilities you have, and the less time you have to just sit around and play with lego, unless you have a baby, of course.

2015 expat
That’s me, refusing to go back to the nest. Photo by Finn Frode

Last year was a pretty amazing year for me, partly because I finally decided that I’m going to be a life-long expat, but mainly because I learnt how to become a Dad. I’ve given up considering moving to another city, or flying back to the nest. I’m done wondering whether the grass is greener. It’s time to just shut up and get on with it. That’s why I wrote my last article for Expat Focus titled Onwards and Upwards.

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Have a great new year.