Book Excerpt: Meet the Sister

To celebrate selling over 3,000 copies of my book Teaching English in a Foreign Land, I’ve decided to run a free kindle book promotion this weekend. I wrote this book to inspire people to travel the world and teach English, which is exactly what I did a few years back. To get an idea of the style of the book have a look at this excerpt from Chapter 15, when I met one of the most influential people on my adventure.

Teaching in Bangkok
Amazing place to live, Bangkok. Photo by Stuck in Customs

“Now you have interview with sister,” said Siriluck, the hamster faced Thai woman I’d been liaising with from Australia. Siriluck was an agent who found teachers for schools. I know, I thought she was a man, but that was just the first surprise when I arrived in Bangkok.

“What, your sister works in the school?” I asked. Siriluck giggled as she drove on. For 10am the traffic was horrendous. A gang of motorbikes whizzed past my open window and petrol fumes shot up my nose. Continue reading “Book Excerpt: Meet the Sister”

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Expat Focus: What do you compare about life back home?

Difficult not to compare such marvellous places... Garona, Spain. Photo by Paco CT
Difficult not to compare such marvellous places…
Garona, Spain. Photo by Paco CT

Do you often find yourself comparing your life abroad to the one back home? I do, not as much as I used to when I arrived here nine years ago, but every now and then my mind clicks into comparison mode. Sometimes I’m moaning about stuff, but more often than not I realise I’ve made the right decision to be an expat abroad.

I’ve started writing as an Expat Columnist for Expat Focus, so if you’re interested in reading more about my article then it’s called Do Expats Ever Stop Comparing. In the article I comment on food and eating habits, general courtesy, extreme weather, and stress.

I’ll be writing for Expat Focus once a month so if you like what I read then make sure to follow me. Cheers.

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A Nostalgic Yearning Finally in Place

As I sit here in my new flat at my desk propped up against a window with, finally, a view out into the world, the first thought that comes to mind is a nostalgic one that I’ve had since I visited Calais with my folks back when I was 20. This strange nostalgic yearning has crept up on me now and then over the past decade. It’s not a particularly glamorous memory, in fact, it’s rather simple, but finally I feel as if I’ve arrived.

Cheese sarnie on the beach? Photo by Sum Dood

“Where the bloody ‘ell is that beach?” said my Dad as we pulled over just outside the centre of Calais. I peered out of the window and grinned at a couple of French ladies sat outside a cafe sipping on coffee. They both smiled at me and giggled. I sat up, surprised that they’d responded.

“Let’s have a drink in there,” I said to my parents, waving as the chirpy mademoiselles continued to smile.

“I think we should have turned right back there,” said my Mum, holding the map the wrong way round.

“Damn it,” said my Dad, putting his foot down. I glanced back as the French ladies slowly drifted away. I smiled to myself, happy that I’d partially interacted with the locals. 

Within an hour, or so, we were walking along the beach front, not bad considering it was only ten minutes from the harbour.

“Lovely here, isn’t it?” said my Mum as she put her arm round me. Continue reading “A Nostalgic Yearning Finally in Place”