Life as a guiri, Spain

Introducing ‘A Novel Spain’

Dusty road in Cazalla de la Sierra

Spain does weird things to me. One minute I think I’m living in one of the most charming and romantic places in the world, and the next I’m pulling my hair out wishing I was back in London.

I’ve had a rollercoaster of a ride during my eight years in Seville. I’ve travelled extensively round most of the country, had two jobs teaching English, moved four times, fallen in love with a Sevillana, got married, and had a baby boy. My chilled lifestyle here has also enabled me to become a writer, something I never would have had time for back in England.

Why am I writing this blog?

To entertain, inform, and have a bit of a laugh. A Novel Spain is my way of expressing to the world how I see life in Spain. I intend to write about the highs and lows, fun and annoying moments, fictitious and real stories, and perhaps give advice on the way. It’s a way of getting in contact with fans of Spain and meeting other bloggers as well.

Who is this blog for?

A Novel Spain should hopefully appeal to anyone with a slight interest in Spain. Whether you’re living here as an expat, just passing through on your holiday, or would like to read about the way of life here.

What will I blog about?

The pages on the menu bar above will give you a pretty good idea: Culture shock, Travel, Seville, Short Stories, Expat Issues, Flamenco, and Book Reviews.

When will I post?

A darn good question, with a full time teaching job and now a little baby boy to look after time is precious. However, I aim to post every Friday, and also the odd Tuesday.

So, I hope you enjoy this new blogging adventure. Be sure to follow me and subscribe for regular blogs. Looking for advice? Then just leave a comment below. Thanks.