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How do you survive the summer blast in Andalucía?

Stop hoping that the intense summer heat wave from Africa is going to whizz round the side of Spain and let us off for a year. You know it won’t be long before you find yourself struggling to breath easily when you leave your flat in the evening, or having several cold showers a day to try to maintain a reasonable body temperature, or joining the masses in saying ‘Que calor,’ all the time. The horrible heat wave in Andalucía is coming, so get prepared.

Yes please! I'll have a bit of that. Photo by Edwinek
Yes please! I’ll have a bit of that.
Photo by Edwinek

So far this summer we’ve been damn lucky in Seville. I think everyone panicked at the start of May when temperatures got up to the mid 30’s and we thought we were in for one of the worst summers in history. Luckily the unbearable heat hasn’t struck us yet. I mean the one which leaves you zapped out, lethargic and in zombie land for a few days. Last summer was agonizing at times when temperatures got as high as 55 degrees, which my wife loved as she was pregnant at the time. If you’re reading this from the UK and are dreaming of your sun packed holiday, then just think about us lot over here, desperate for the summer to fly by, or until we fly away to escape the oven. Continue reading “How do you survive the summer blast in Andalucía?”