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Derbies in Spain are Insane – Part 2

The buzz of being at a live game hit me like a train and I was blown away by the atmosphere, but I still hadn’t seen the real essence of a Sevilla v Betis derby.

Nando bowled up to a security guard protecting a closed barricade. The noise of the fans suddenly doubled.

“Can’t you just let us in here,” he said.

“Sorry, it’s full,” said the security guard, folding his arms.

“Come on man, my Cuñao has come all the way over from London for this game.”

The security guard shook his head.

“Don’t worry Nando, I think our seats are over there anyway,” I said, pointing in the other direction as I glanced at the ticket again, completely unaware of what Nando was trying to wangle.

“Ah man, but this is my second home, how can you not let me in with the best football supporters in Spain?”

“Go on then,” said the security guard, letting us through.

That’s when I realised that we were never going to sit in our actual seats, nor was anyone by the looks of things. As we turned past the security guard I looked behind at the stand. I’d never seen such madness in all my life. It was absolutely insane. Red and white flags were waving everywhere. Young lads, mostly in their twenties, a few skinheads, a few topless, and were going mental, eager for war to begin. There were even quite a few ladies, shouting and singing, wearing their pink Sevilla shirts with pride. Continue reading “Derbies in Spain are Insane – Part 2”

Culture Shock, Great things about Spain, Humour

Derbies in Spain are Insane

The best moments in life are often spontaneous. Some of my most memorable nights out as a lad were when we had no a real plan and just went with the flow and ended up getting into all sort of mischief. My most exhilarating days travelling were when I met new people and jumped on their bandwagon.

Sevilla Stadium Photo by Metro Centric

A similar spontaneous event happened back in November 2012 when I went to my first Sevilla v Betis derby.

“Nando’s coming up early for his birthday today,” my wife said, referring to my cuñao – a much better word than brother-in-law. He lives down in Malaga and has a habit of changing his plans at the last minute.

“Really? But it’s Derby Day.”

“Yeah, I think he wants to go and watch them training this morning.” I looked at my watch, it was 10.30.

“What time?”

“At eleven.”

I was showered and ready within fifteen minutes, eager to get to the stadium and soak up some atmosphere before kick-off at 9 p.m. I’d only ever been inside Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan once before: to watch England get completely outplayed by Spain in a friendly where we lost 2 nil. Continue reading “Derbies in Spain are Insane”