Surely flying by plane should get easier…

You would have thought that the wiser you get, the less jittery you become while flying. I used to think you were supposed to get calmer in your old age, take things with a pinch of salt, and worry less about flying at 51,000 feet and getting attacked by kamikaze eagles. It seems that in my silly case, the opposite stands.

fear of flying2
Must…see…wing… Photo by Reji

When I was a kid I never had a problem getting on a plane and flying abroad. I thought those rumbling take offs and bumpy landings were hilarious. As a young lad I travelled the world and never got phased out by flying (apart from two dodgy landings: one in Quito, where the runway was neatly positioned in the middle of the Andes, and another in Laos, where we had to do an emergency stop for fuel right next to the Mekong river. When I woke up, I thought we were heading straight for the murky water). I wasn’t that affected though. I even did a bloody parachute jump in Australia, and loved the buzz of free fall. Continue reading “Surely flying by plane should get easier…”