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Is returning home an option?

Could you leave your expat country? Photo by boltron
Could you leave your expat country?
Photo by boltron

Do you ever wonder about whether you could return home to your native country forever? I reckon I do at least once or twice a day. I might get annoyed about something and think I’d be better off in England, see a new photo of my nephew and wish I could just pop round the corner and take him out for a game of footy, or get to Friday evening and wish I could go out for a few beers with my mates from back home. But could I ever return for good? I’m not sure.

If this happens to you, then have a look at my latest article on Expat Focus titled Could you ever return home for good? I talk about reasons why I could go home, such as banter, London, and Premiership football, and also reasons why I couldn’t, like the weather, pace of life and cost.

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I’ve been a bit slack on posts over the summer, but things should be returning back to normal now. Cheers.