Blogs about Spain

Best Blogs about Spain and Expat Life: Tips for Spain, Flamenco in Barcelona, Pintxos in San Sebatian…

Here’s my monthly collection of the best blogs I’ve read about Spain and life as an expat.

Looking at Spain in a different light. Photo by Nasa
Looking at Spain in a different light.
Photo by Nasa

Tips for living in Spain

This is a great article by Melissa on her blog The Intentional Expat about Tips for Spain. Congrats Melissa for getting on Insider’s Abroad’s website.

Pintxos in San Sebastian

Off to San Sebastian any time soon? Then check out this article by Karen on Savour it all about Pintxos in San Sebastian.

Spainish Criminals getting longer time

About time too. Check out this article on Fortune about how Spain are getting tougher on Financial Criminals. Good to see.

China up there with popular destination for expats

A study by HSBC has announced that the top three destinations for expats are Switzerland, Singapore, and China. I’ve never been to Singapore, but out of Switzerland and China I’d probably go for China. I loved it there and would love to have lived there longer. Seems others are heading there too.

Flamenco in Barcelona

Fancy learning flamenco in Barcelona? Have a look at what 365thingsBarcelona suggest on their latest blog titled Things to do Spainish: Flamenco.

That’s all for this month. My next post will be about why I chucked a jug of cold water on a woman this morning.