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A Tribute – Salvador; A Remarkable Man

Every now and then you meet someone who changes your life. During my time living in Spain a handful of people have really influenced and inspired me. One of those was Salvador – Saviour in English, but why was he so important?

About four years ago I surprised my girlfriend by whisking her away to Cazalla de la Sierra and asking her to marry me. She said yes, of course (that’s what she actually said, I’m not trying to be arrogant), and we returned to Seville a happy couple.

View from hotel in Cazalla

Then we told her family.

They were over the moon, of course, but I hadn’t considered one minor detail.

“So where do you want to get married?” asked the mother.

“In a church of course,” said my fiancé.

“Por supuesto,” I said, nodding and grinning. I suppose I’d always wanted to get married in a church, but there was a slight snag.

“But Barry isn’t a catholic,” said the mother, smiling a concerned smile. Continue reading “A Tribute – Salvador; A Remarkable Man”