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Best Blogs about Spain: Getting homesick, Top Expat countries, and Madrid.

I’ve read some decent blogs over the last couple of weeks. Here are the main highlights. They are either expat or Spain related.

Homesick Spain
Wish I could just glide back sometimes. Photo by Chris JL

Do you get homesick?

I definitely do, but it’s more people sick, not sick of people, rather missing people like my family, mates, and even the milkman. The other day I wondered what would happen if there were milkmen in Sevilla; the milk would never reach most fridges, I’m sure. Anyway, here’s a blog on Never Trust a Jelly Fish about making choices and sacrifices and what it’s like to get homesick.

Top Countries for Expats

Do you reckon you are living in the top expat country? I’d definitely say no, Spain has a lot going for it, but I’m sure there are better places. Like where? I hear you ask. Well, check out this blog titled HSBC Top Countries for Expats, which, not surprisingly, has Switzerland high on it’s list. Are you in any of the top 5? Spain made 24th.

Visiting Madrid?

If so then check out this blog on Little Bird Around the World about A Visit to Madrid. It’s a useful guide to the museums, parks, and squares.

Expats and Dieters

Have a look at this amusing post by Brightoneagle about What expats and dieters have in common. I’m not a massive fan of diets, I try to eat well and do exercise, but I can definitely see where he’s coming from.

Can we?

Some might say so. Spain’s leftist party, Podemos, are definitely growing in numbers. Have a look at this article on Canada.com showing the Strength of Podemos. Before you start slagging me of about politics, I haven’t said I support the group, or despise the group, just that’s it’s a decent read.

That’s all for this week. Have you read anything decent recently?

Blogs about Spain

Best Blogs about Spain and Expat life: Followed in Sevilla, Selfie at San Fermin, Brits Abroad and more…

This is the first in the series of a compilation of the best blogs I have read about Spain and expat life in the last month. My idea is to publish one of these a month so that you can skip some of the rubbish flying about on the internet. Anyway, here goes.

Triana Bridge in Sevilla... Photo by Calvo Pastor
Triana Bridge in Sevilla…
Photo by Calvo Pastor

Ever been followed abroad?

This blog by Olena, writer of Candies and Crunchies, is about how she got followed while in Sevilla. I must say I’m quiet surprised she got followed, that’s never happened to me here, but I supposed no one follows a long haired flamenco guitarist look-alike.

A Selfie at San Fermin

I’m not sure how true this is, but it’s quiet entertaining. Check out this article on KFWB News Talk about how a guy is being chased by police after doing a selfie with a bull. Mental.

Reasons to go to San Sebastiàn

How many do you need? Check out this excellent blog by Virginia titled Postcard of the Week: San Sebastián, Spain. Virginia is the owner of The Well-Travelled Postcard a useful blog about her experiences travelling and living abroad.

How many Brits live abroad?

What do you reckon? Have a look at this post on Emigrate2news which states just how many Brits live abroad.

How long does it take to get to know a country?

I can sympathize with M, American Expat married to an Italian. I’m still learning loads about the Spanish way of life here and sure there’s a ton more left to discover. Check out her latest blog 6 years in Italy for details on what still shocks her about living in Italy.

That’s all for this month. If you have read anything decent about Spain or expat life then drop a comment below. Cheers.

Blogs about Spain

More excellent blogs about Spain

After the success of a post on my other blog titled Best Expat blogs about Spain, I’ve started following a few more blogs about Spain and have compiled this new list. Hope you find them useful.

Spain square
Spain square – Photo by emildom75

Chica Andaluza is a great blog about a City Slicker turned Spanish Chica. Her funny and informative blogs are well worth a read if you’re interested in Spanish food and life in the mountains.

Mooching around Spain

This is an excellent blog about Annie Bennett’s travels around Spain. Annie has written for a bundle of quality press newspapers and has won awards as a travel writer. So definitely worth a look.

Spanish-English Word Connections

This is a useful blog if you’re interested in similarities between English and Spanish. It’s written by Steve who has a passion for words and their histories.

Spain for Pleasure

Check out this blog written by Josh, an English teacher and journalist based in Granada. His blog is full of tips, advice and useful posts.

Notes on a Spanish Valley

Want to find out what it’s like to live in rural Andalucia? Then check out this blog written by Sandra about her life in the campo.

Jenna de las Letras

Fancy reading about flamenco? This is a great blog written by Jenna about life in Madrid as a flamenco dancer and English teacher.

Toledo – Always wanted to check this place out.
Photo by DBduo Photography


Interested in Madrid then check out this blog. It has loads of information about things to do in Madrid, places to go and cool stuff to see.

Country life in Spain

What’s it like living in the country in Spain? Check out this blog written by Margaret who lives in Almeria.

Spring in Seville

This blog, written by Amanda, is about her life studying abroad in Seville. It’s a great blog with useful articles about life over here in Seville and what it’s really like to be a student while living abroad.

Adventures in Sevilla

This blog, written by Tanya, is about her life studying abroad in Seville too. It also has some great posts about Spain and other places she has visited.

That’s all for now but I aim to keep this updated. If you write a blog about Spain then feel free to add it via a comment below. Cheers.