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Best Blogs about Spain: Desert coming, Olive Oil, and tapas…

I’ve decided to bring back my monthly list of the best blogs and posts about Spain and Expat life. Here’s a list of the best ones I’ve read in the last month.

Southern Spain could end up like this… Photo by Moyan Brenn

Southern Spain a Desert

This summer has been the hottest for me in the last 10 years, so it’s no surprise that people are saying Southern Spain will turn into a desert by the start of next century. I guess that means I don’t need to worry anymore about the local government wanting to build a park in front of my house.

Olive Oil

You can’t live in Spain for long without becoming a slight addict to this medicinal liquid. I used to think it was vile and expensive, but I now see the benefits of using it over traditional sunflower oil. Check out this blog on Lindsey O’Connor’s website, titled Can I get more olive oil please.

A-Z of Spanish Cuisine

Have a look at Josh’s latest post on Spain for Pleasure titled The Eatapas A-Z of Spanish Cuisine. It’s a great run down on useful and interesting facts about eating in Spain, which we all love to do!

Views of Toledo

If you’re thinking of going to Toledo then have a look at this post on ISA Student Blog written by Clarissa Fischer titled Breathtaking Views of Toledo.

Seville Series and Mr Cake

Have you heard of a cake shop in Seville called Mr Cake? Well, me neither. Check out this post by Jordan, a university student, who is also writing about his adventures in Seville. The post is called Seville Series, Mr Cake.

That’s all for this month. Hope you enjoyed these posts.

Expat Issues

Best Blogs about Spain: Getting homesick, Top Expat countries, and Madrid.

I’ve read some decent blogs over the last couple of weeks. Here are the main highlights. They are either expat or Spain related.

Homesick Spain
Wish I could just glide back sometimes. Photo by Chris JL

Do you get homesick?

I definitely do, but it’s more people sick, not sick of people, rather missing people like my family, mates, and even the milkman. The other day I wondered what would happen if there were milkmen in Sevilla; the milk would never reach most fridges, I’m sure. Anyway, here’s a blog on Never Trust a Jelly Fish about making choices and sacrifices and what it’s like to get homesick.

Top Countries for Expats

Do you reckon you are living in the top expat country? I’d definitely say no, Spain has a lot going for it, but I’m sure there are better places. Like where? I hear you ask. Well, check out this blog titled HSBC Top Countries for Expats, which, not surprisingly, has Switzerland high on it’s list. Are you in any of the top 5? Spain made 24th.

Visiting Madrid?

If so then check out this blog on Little Bird Around the World about A Visit to Madrid. It’s a useful guide to the museums, parks, and squares.

Expats and Dieters

Have a look at this amusing post by Brightoneagle about What expats and dieters have in common. I’m not a massive fan of diets, I try to eat well and do exercise, but I can definitely see where he’s coming from.

Can we?

Some might say so. Spain’s leftist party, Podemos, are definitely growing in numbers. Have a look at this article on showing the Strength of Podemos. Before you start slagging me of about politics, I haven’t said I support the group, or despise the group, just that’s it’s a decent read.

That’s all for this week. Have you read anything decent recently?

Blogs about Spain

Best Blogs about Spain and Expat Life: Tips for Spain, Flamenco in Barcelona, Pintxos in San Sebatian…

Here’s my monthly collection of the best blogs I’ve read about Spain and life as an expat.

Looking at Spain in a different light. Photo by Nasa
Looking at Spain in a different light.
Photo by Nasa

Tips for living in Spain

This is a great article by Melissa on her blog The Intentional Expat about Tips for Spain. Congrats Melissa for getting on Insider’s Abroad’s website.

Pintxos in San Sebastian

Off to San Sebastian any time soon? Then check out this article by Karen on Savour it all about Pintxos in San Sebastian.

Spainish Criminals getting longer time

About time too. Check out this article on Fortune about how Spain are getting tougher on Financial Criminals. Good to see.

China up there with popular destination for expats

A study by HSBC has announced that the top three destinations for expats are Switzerland, Singapore, and China. I’ve never been to Singapore, but out of Switzerland and China I’d probably go for China. I loved it there and would love to have lived there longer. Seems others are heading there too.

Flamenco in Barcelona

Fancy learning flamenco in Barcelona? Have a look at what 365thingsBarcelona suggest on their latest blog titled Things to do Spainish: Flamenco.

That’s all for this month. My next post will be about why I chucked a jug of cold water on a woman this morning.

Blogs about Spain

Best Blogs about Spain and Expat Life: Hong Kong, House Mates from Hell and more…

This is the second in the series of the best blogs I’ve read recently about Spain and expat Life. The idea of these blogs is to give you quick access to some useful and informative posts, so here goes.

Could you live in Hong Kong? Photo by davidyuweb
Could you live in Hong Kong?
Photo by davidyuweb

Ever thought about being an Expat in Hong Kong?

Friends of mine lived there for a while, but they didn’t last long. If you’re interested in knowing more about the pros and cons of being an expat in Hong Kong then check out Dee Quinn’s latest blog. It takes a massive jump to become an expat, especially with kids, so have a read.

Camino de Santiago

I should have done this before I had a boy, so I guess he’ll just have to come when he is old enough to walk. If you’re thinking about doing it, or just want to reminisce, then check out this post by Melissa titled Walking the Walk.

House Mates from Hell

All expats, and most English teachers, are bound to have a few horror anecdotes about mental house mates they have lived with over the years. I know I have a few; idea for my next blog maybe. Anyway, check out this post titled Housemate Horrors by Zanna Parish who lives in Madrid.

Dancing in Sevilla

I really enjoyed reading this post by Sharon about a trip to Sevilla where she learnt to dance drunk. Sharon took a load of great photos of Sevilla too, so it’s worth checking out.

What do Madrileños care about?

Or not care about? Well, according to Raine Giorgio there are a few amusing things. Check out her post titled 5 things Madrileños absolutely do not care about for some shits and giggles.

That’s all for this month. Read anything funny or interesting recently? Drop me a comment with a link below. Quite happy for shameless self promoting too, unless you are a twaty SEO know-it-all.