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Is it easy to bring up bilingual children?

Bilingual Spanish kids? How do you do it? Photo by Estrelas

Nope. At least not as easy as I thought it would be. In my latest article for Expat Focus titled Bringing up bilingual children just isn’t that easy I give examples of other parents I know and their experiences with battling with the two languages, my own situation, and also some tips for anyone in the early stages with young kids.

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What have you learnt as an Expat parent?

Why do people stare at me so much? Photo by Morton 1905
Why do people stare at me so much?
Photo by Morton 1905

After surviving my first year as an expat Dad without too many major hiccups, I’d thought I’d share a few thoughts on what I’ve learnt so far. It’s been such a great year and an immense learning curve.

The article was posted this week on Expat Focus and is titled Five things I’ve learnt in my First Year as an Expat Dad. I talk about how life has changed, interfering Spanish grannies, how people stare, feeling more at home, and why I love being a Dad so much.

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