Life as a guiri, Seville

First impressions of Seville

I decided to arrive in Seville at four in the afternoon during August; big mistake. As I stepped off the bus from Malaga, the suffocating heat smacked me in the face and clogged up my throat. I felt like I’d just jumped out from a massive freezer into the Sahara desert. Sweat started to seep out my pours. A group of darkly tanned lads were collapsed on a bench, suffering from the heat, gasping for air. I threw on my rucksack, took a massive glug of water, and started walking.

Maria Luisa Park

Maria Luisa Park
Photo by R. Alessandro

As I left the bus station the heat intensified. I passed a couple of white taxis parked under some withered trees. The drivers were inside snoozing behind the wheels. Of course, this is Spain; everyone must be taking a siesta.

Walking with a rucksack again felt great. I’d thought about travelling every day for the last two months while working in London. I was relieved to be back on the road, starting a new adventure, but unaware of the extent to which my life was about to change. Continue reading “First impressions of Seville”