Annoying things in Spain, Culture Shock

Is Spain the noisiest country on earth?

About two and a half hours ago I threw a jug of water on a woman’s head. What a hooligan you are, I hear some of you cry. You might be right. Maybe I am, but that’s what happens when I get woken up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning by a group of three idiots chatting loudly below my window.

Now that's a great idea. Photo by BarleyFitz
Now that’s a great idea.
Photo by BarleyFitz

“Oi, some people are still trying to bloody sleep,” I shouted.

Perdona,” said the lad, who wasn’t the one talking so loud. But did that stop the woman ranting on about the guy who had just split up with her? (probably deservedly so) No, it didn’t. So I took the matter into my own hands, filled up a jug of cold water from the fridge, opened up the shutters on my balcony, and launched the water in the general direction of the woman.

I was expecting a shouting match, but, funnily enough, she just shut up and walked off. There wasn’t even a slight scream, which gave me a boost of confidence that I’d done the right thing, or maybe I’d missed her. Sometimes you have to put people in their place. Did she not realise how loud she was blurting on? Hopefully she won’t do it again. Continue reading “Is Spain the noisiest country on earth?”