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Is country life all it’s cracked up to be?

life in the country
This is not my house. Photo by Moyan-Brenn

Well, there aren’t pigs trotting about, or cows waking us up in the morning with some noisy mooing, but life out nearer the country is, as we’d hoped, a lot more pleasant. It’s been about three months since we moved out the centre of Sevilla and I miss it less as each day goes by.

If you’re thinking of moving to the outskirts of a city, especially in Spain, then have a look at my latest article for Expat Focus titled You can’t beat a bit of Country Air. I babble on about being close to nature, country air, the lack of noise, and outside space.

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Just how much better is NHS in Spain compared to private healthcare?

Finally A Novel Spain is back. After a crazy month of having a second child and moving house I’ve finally had a bit of time to write. This article on Expat Focus talks about the differences between having a baby via private healthcare, in our case Sanitas, to the Spanish NHS system.

Virgen de rocio
Not a bad place to have a baby…Virgen de Rocio, Sevilla. Photo by Tom Raftery

If you’d asked me before having kids which one I thought would be better, I’d have said private by a long shot, which was why we chose that route. But we were pleasantly surprised our second time round. The article is titled Hat’s off to Spain’s baby popping out team.

I’ll only be posting every two weeks for the foreseeable future. Life with two kids is pretty mental, which you’ll hear more about in my next blog.


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All you need is love…and a dictionary.

All you need is love expat sevilla
All you need is love, a dictionary, and a yellow submarine. Photo by Zardozspeaks

Have you given up living in your own country for a romantic rendezvous? Did you plan on living abroad for a year or two but got captured by one of those freakishly sexy members of the opposite sex? I guess I did. If I’m totally honest I know there are much more exotic places to live in the world apart from Sevilla, but that’s where my wife is from, so that’s where we are (at the moment). If this rings any bells then you might be interested in reading my latest article on Expat Focus titled Did You Become an Expat for Love?

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Why you should try being an expat

Considering leaving your home soil for some fresh mud? Ever wondered what it would be like to live abroad in a foreign country where no one knows your name, cares about what you have for breakfast, or gives a damn about your bizarre taste in trashy pop music? It’s not for everyone, you have to be a bit mental, like putting yourself through agonising situations, and have enough patience to tolerate frustrating foreign bus drivers.

Expat life in Spain - curiosity
Nothing more to say. Photo by mnwatts

If you think you might be up to the challenge of being an expat, more difficult than just going on a safe trip around the world, then have a look at my latest blog on Expat Focus titled Why everyone should have a bash at being an expat. In the article I talk about the power of curiosity, learning another language, in need of fresh romance, and wanting to have a fistful of anecdotes to tell your loved ones.

If you’re keen to know more about Expat Life in Spain then check out my Columnist page.

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Introducing ‘A Novel Spain’

Dusty road in Cazalla de la Sierra

Spain does weird things to me. One minute I think I’m living in one of the most charming and romantic places in the world, and the next I’m pulling my hair out wishing I was back in London.

I’ve had a rollercoaster of a ride during my eight years in Seville. I’ve travelled extensively round most of the country, had two jobs teaching English, moved four times, fallen in love with a Sevillana, got married, and had a baby boy. My chilled lifestyle here has also enabled me to become a writer, something I never would have had time for back in England.

Why am I writing this blog?

To entertain, inform, and have a bit of a laugh. A Novel Spain is my way of expressing to the world how I see life in Spain. I intend to write about the highs and lows, fun and annoying moments, fictitious and real stories, and perhaps give advice on the way. It’s a way of getting in contact with fans of Spain and meeting other bloggers as well.

Who is this blog for?

A Novel Spain should hopefully appeal to anyone with a slight interest in Spain. Whether you’re living here as an expat, just passing through on your holiday, or would like to read about the way of life here.

What will I blog about?

The pages on the menu bar above will give you a pretty good idea: Culture shock, Travel, Seville, Short Stories, Expat Issues, Flamenco, and Book Reviews.

When will I post?

A darn good question, with a full time teaching job and now a little baby boy to look after time is precious. However, I aim to post every Friday, and also the odd Tuesday.

So, I hope you enjoy this new blogging adventure. Be sure to follow me and subscribe for regular blogs. Looking for advice? Then just leave a comment below. Thanks.