Ay mi Sevilla…

There is a certain magic in the city that has kept me here for almost a decade. I have fond memories in Seville: strolling about the romantic back streets while getting to know my wife, our wedding in the amazing Santa Ana church, learning about and participating in Semana Santa, visits from family and friends, witnessing a Sevilla v Betis derby, and walking about with my baby boy.

Great day…strolling on our wedding day

A friend of mine used to describe Seville as a little museum where all the people were clones. He didn’t last long here, but he’s not far wrong. Seville can be a tad weird at times and, like most places in the world, has its fair share of nutters floating about. Many guiris who try to settle here find it hard, too coupley and family orientated, which is not surprising in such a traditional and at times suffocating city. Here are a few articles and blogs that I’ve written about Seville and Spain over the years.

How Seville stole my heart Part 1 and Part 2

5 things I hate about living in Spain (Seville really)

5 things I love about living in Seville

The Strain in Spain

I reinvented myself in Spain


Feel the duende from flamenco shows in Seville

Seville’s perfect plazas

Top class cuisine in Seville

More to come…

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