Expat Issues

I never actually intended to become an expat; it just crept up on me like my floppy beer belly. But I guess now I’m an expat for good (hopefully I can get rid of the beer belly).

I like to wear my England shirt around now and then…just to wind up my wife.

A lot of my Spanish family say that I’m not actually a guiri any more and I’m half Sevillano. Especially after getting married in one of Seville’s oldest churches, participating in Semana Santa, and now being the father to a lovely little Spanish (and half English) baby boy. But there’s no mistaking my accent and typical English ways. I’ll always be a Brit fighting against the masses here.

I write a monthly column for Expat Focus, which you can find here: Barry O’Leary Columnist.

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6 thoughts on “Expat Issues”

  1. Going back home becomes more complicated when you marry and have a kid with one of the “natives”!

    My husband, son and I left the US for Switzerland for a five year adventure in Switzerland. It was wonderful and I thank my lucky stars every day we got to do it. But we came back in 2002 and I haven’t regretted that, either. You just need to live your life well regardless of geography!

    Thanks for following my blog!

    1. Yeah travelling with kids is hard work. We have two now and dreading that first flight home. Yeah it’s impossible for me to go back home now, but I’ve accepted it, at least for the meantime. I guess it’s easier when there isn’t an option though and you just get on with it. Thanks for writing!

  2. I know what you mean by ending up being kind of half Sevillano, because after 5 years + of living in Madrid, I feel like I can’t negate myself gradually becoming more and more Madrileña. Like it seeps through my actions and in the way I talk haha. Your blog’s easy to read and funny too. Props to you!

    1. Hey,

      Thanks for your​ comment. Sure would be a great idea to swap info. Glad you think my blog is easy to read and funny, that’s my main objective I guess so mission accomplished. How often do you tend to blog? When do you fit in your writing? Happy Sunday.

      1. I write as it comes, sometimes in waves and sometimes there’s a drought but mainly I publish a post once a week. I’ve got a full time job too though and other small projects going on concurrently. It’s a challenge balancing everything out but I’m having fun! How often do you write?

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