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Best Spain posts: drinking in Spain, civil war in Malaga, plus more…

I’ve decided to do a weekly post about the top 5 blogs and articles I read about Spain, and expat life. The main reason is to share the love, spread some loving, and love thy neighbours. So, here goes.

My favourite red wine, Beronia, crianza. Photo by Raúl P

Drinking in Spain

Yes, there is plenty, but what are the rules? Check out this post on Spain Scoop by Kirstin Hollingsworth titled No Gin and Tonics before dinner.

Camino Plans

Doing the Camino de Santiago has always been a dream of mine. If you’re interested in following someone on a walk, then check out this latest blog by Maggie on Trepidatious Traveller about her plans for camino 2017.

Tortilla de Patatas

Best way to a man’s heart? With one of these bad boys. Check out this recipe on The Local about how to make the perfect tortilla de patatas (potato omelette).

Civil War in Malaga

If you’re interested in the civil war in Spain, then you need to be following Caroline Angus Baker who seems to be an expert on the subject. Her latest blog 80 years since the Malaga-Almeria Massacre, gives an indepth account of what happened.

Just how safe is rural Spain?

This is quite a moving, and sad, story on El Pais in English, about how a British woman, Illona Mitchel, was treated really badly, or rather her animals were, on the Day of King’s in Granada.

That’s all for this week. Happy reading.


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Best Blogs about Spain: Desert coming, Olive Oil, and tapas…

I’ve decided to bring back my monthly list of the best blogs and posts about Spain and Expat life. Here’s a list of the best ones I’ve read in the last month.

Southern Spain could end up like this… Photo by Moyan Brenn

Southern Spain a Desert

This summer has been the hottest for me in the last 10 years, so it’s no surprise that people are saying Southern Spain will turn into a desert by the start of next century. I guess that means I don’t need to worry anymore about the local government wanting to build a park in front of my house.

Olive Oil

You can’t live in Spain for long without becoming a slight addict to this medicinal liquid. I used to think it was vile and expensive, but I now see the benefits of using it over traditional sunflower oil. Check out this blog on Lindsey O’Connor’s website, titled Can I get more olive oil please.

A-Z of Spanish Cuisine

Have a look at Josh’s latest post on Spain for Pleasure titled The Eatapas A-Z of Spanish Cuisine. It’s a great run down on useful and interesting facts about eating in Spain, which we all love to do!

Views of Toledo

If you’re thinking of going to Toledo then have a look at this post on ISA Student Blog written by Clarissa Fischer titled Breathtaking Views of Toledo.

Seville Series and Mr Cake

Have you heard of a cake shop in Seville called Mr Cake? Well, me neither. Check out this post by Jordan, a university student, who is also writing about his adventures in Seville. The post is called Seville Series, Mr Cake.

That’s all for this month. Hope you enjoyed these posts.

Blogs about Spain

Best Blogs about Spain and Expat Life: Tips for Spain, Flamenco in Barcelona, Pintxos in San Sebatian…

Here’s my monthly collection of the best blogs I’ve read about Spain and life as an expat.

Looking at Spain in a different light. Photo by Nasa
Looking at Spain in a different light.
Photo by Nasa

Tips for living in Spain

This is a great article by Melissa on her blog The Intentional Expat about Tips for Spain. Congrats Melissa for getting on Insider’s Abroad’s website.

Pintxos in San Sebastian

Off to San Sebastian any time soon? Then check out this article by Karen on Savour it all about Pintxos in San Sebastian.

Spainish Criminals getting longer time

About time too. Check out this article on Fortune about how Spain are getting tougher on Financial Criminals. Good to see.

China up there with popular destination for expats

A study by HSBC has announced that the top three destinations for expats are Switzerland, Singapore, and China. I’ve never been to Singapore, but out of Switzerland and China I’d probably go for China. I loved it there and would love to have lived there longer. Seems others are heading there too.

Flamenco in Barcelona

Fancy learning flamenco in Barcelona? Have a look at what 365thingsBarcelona suggest on their latest blog titled Things to do Spainish: Flamenco.

That’s all for this month. My next post will be about why I chucked a jug of cold water on a woman this morning.

Blogs about Spain

Best Blogs about Spain and Expat Life: Hong Kong, House Mates from Hell and more…

This is the second in the series of the best blogs I’ve read recently about Spain and expat Life. The idea of these blogs is to give you quick access to some useful and informative posts, so here goes.

Could you live in Hong Kong? Photo by davidyuweb
Could you live in Hong Kong?
Photo by davidyuweb

Ever thought about being an Expat in Hong Kong?

Friends of mine lived there for a while, but they didn’t last long. If you’re interested in knowing more about the pros and cons of being an expat in Hong Kong then check out Dee Quinn’s latest blog. It takes a massive jump to become an expat, especially with kids, so have a read.

Camino de Santiago

I should have done this before I had a boy, so I guess he’ll just have to come when he is old enough to walk. If you’re thinking about doing it, or just want to reminisce, then check out this post by Melissa titled Walking the Walk.

House Mates from Hell

All expats, and most English teachers, are bound to have a few horror anecdotes about mental house mates they have lived with over the years. I know I have a few; idea for my next blog maybe. Anyway, check out this post titled Housemate Horrors by Zanna Parish who lives in Madrid.

Dancing in Sevilla

I really enjoyed reading this post by Sharon about a trip to Sevilla where she learnt to dance drunk. Sharon took a load of great photos of Sevilla too, so it’s worth checking out.

What do Madrileños care about?

Or not care about? Well, according to Raine Giorgio there are a few amusing things. Check out her post titled 5 things Madrileños absolutely do not care about for some shits and giggles.

That’s all for this month. Read anything funny or interesting recently? Drop me a comment with a link below. Quite happy for shameless self promoting too, unless you are a twaty SEO know-it-all.

Blogs about Spain

Best Blogs about Spain and Expat life: Followed in Sevilla, Selfie at San Fermin, Brits Abroad and more…

This is the first in the series of a compilation of the best blogs I have read about Spain and expat life in the last month. My idea is to publish one of these a month so that you can skip some of the rubbish flying about on the internet. Anyway, here goes.

Triana Bridge in Sevilla... Photo by Calvo Pastor
Triana Bridge in Sevilla…
Photo by Calvo Pastor

Ever been followed abroad?

This blog by Olena, writer of Candies and Crunchies, is about how she got followed while in Sevilla. I must say I’m quiet surprised she got followed, that’s never happened to me here, but I supposed no one follows a long haired flamenco guitarist look-alike.

A Selfie at San Fermin

I’m not sure how true this is, but it’s quiet entertaining. Check out this article on KFWB News Talk about how a guy is being chased by police after doing a selfie with a bull. Mental.

Reasons to go to San Sebastiàn

How many do you need? Check out this excellent blog by Virginia titled Postcard of the Week: San Sebastián, Spain. Virginia is the owner of The Well-Travelled Postcard a useful blog about her experiences travelling and living abroad.

How many Brits live abroad?

What do you reckon? Have a look at this post on Emigrate2news which states just how many Brits live abroad.

How long does it take to get to know a country?

I can sympathize with M, American Expat married to an Italian. I’m still learning loads about the Spanish way of life here and sure there’s a ton more left to discover. Check out her latest blog 6 years in Italy for details on what still shocks her about living in Italy.

That’s all for this month. If you have read anything decent about Spain or expat life then drop a comment below. Cheers.

Blogs about Spain

Most Versatile Blogs!

It’s always a pleasure to be nominated for something. My last nomination was to be class prefect at primary school. I bloody hated it though because I had to grass up people for running down the corridor or trying to sneak under the outside railings so they could run on to the field without having to walk all the way round. I soon learnt that snitching on the hard kids at school didn’t lead to the most fun break times or leisurely walks (sprints more like) home, so my life as a prefect was kept quiet short, luckily.

It's damn dry in Andalucia, but magical. Photo by Vfersal
It’s damn dry in Andalucia, but magical.
Photo by Vfersal

So a massive thanks to Sandra Danby, owner of Notes on a Spanish Valley, who has nominated me for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award.’ Sandra has been following my blog for some time now so cheers. If you are interested in knowing more about life in the Spanish countryside and have a love for rural Andalucía then be sure to check out her excellent blog here.

This nomination has no negative catch though. Hopefully I won’t be beaten up and asked to give over my last penny sweets or have my ice-pop knocked out my hand from any of the fine people I’m nominating for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’.

As a nominee, all I have to do is:

Include a link to the blog of the person who nominated me.

Nominate 15 bloggers to receive the award, with links to their blogs.

Share seven things about myself.

So my 15 nominations go to…

The Life and Time of Nathan Badley, who is an awesome human being worth reading about.

The Ramblings, written by Tori for her inspiring outlook on life.

Those Who Wander for the helpful blogs about student life and inspiring photos, which often take me back to my travelling days.

East of Malaga because Marianne really knows how to write about life on the Costa Del Sol, and beyond.

A Lot of Wind for another interesting and witty outlook on life in Spain.

Christine in Spain for her informative and useful blogs on Spain.

Scribbler in Seville for Fiona’s deep knowledge and interesting views on Sevilla.

A Writer’s Life for Mary Beth Lee’s useful and uplifting articles about life as a writer.

This is Why I’m Drunk written by Bryan Roth for his interesting thoughts on the world of beer.

Don Charisma because anything is possible with his blog.

Bryan Hemming for his humorous outlook on life in Spain.

On the Luce for an all round amazing travel blog written by Lucy.

Spanish Scribbles for some stunning drawings by Wendy.

Oh God, My Wife Is German because of the funny shenanigans that this expat couple get up to.

What an Amazing World for the outstanding photos.

Now the seven things I need to share about myself:

1- I once ran away from home when my mother caught me and a friend peeing in the front garden. The journey didn’t last long though because all I packed were my scout socks.

2- I like to think of myself as a writer. I write, so I guess I must be.

3- Once I had a dream that I died in my sleep. I was hanging off the edge of a cliff. Then I flipped backwards and crashed into the sea. As I entered the sea I felt the impact of the waves smashing against my body. Then stars began to appear, shooting at me from all angles. Then in big red letters ‘The End’ appeared. I woke up in a pool of sweat and now have a fear of cliffs, and big red letters.

4- I actually get a buzz from running in 40 degree heat.

5- Recently I’ve taken to reading while walking to work because I have less time to read in the house. I get a lot of funny looks, especially because Spanish people don’t even read much when they are sitting down. The other day a bloke said to me ‘That’s gotta be some book,’ but I ignored him because I was at the end of a chapter.

6- I hate people who walk on the bike lanes in Seville.

7- I used to have an imaginary friend called John, who helped me win the football league in my garden on many occasions.

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Are you interested in Flamenco?

It’s hard to live in Seville and not be influenced by flamenco. While working on my novel I’ve been doing some research and these are the websites I’ve found most useful, informative and entertaining. Hope they come in handy to you as well.

flamenco feet
Photo by magali pomier

Flamenco World

Just as the name suggests, this website has every thing you need to know about the world of flamenco. It’s got sections on:

  • Flamenco artists: this includes a detailed biography of the most important people in flamenco, whether they are singers, dancers or guitarists.
  • A collection of brilliant videos of singing, dancing and guitarists playing.
  • An online magazine with news, interviews, features, and festivals.
  • You can even subscribe and get weekly updates of news, offers and events.

Continue reading “Are you interested in Flamenco?”

Blogs about Spain

More excellent blogs about Spain

After the success of a post on my other blog titled Best Expat blogs about Spain, I’ve started following a few more blogs about Spain and have compiled this new list. Hope you find them useful.

Spain square
Spain square – Photo by emildom75

Chica Andaluza is a great blog about a City Slicker turned Spanish Chica. Her funny and informative blogs are well worth a read if you’re interested in Spanish food and life in the mountains.

Mooching around Spain

This is an excellent blog about Annie Bennett’s travels around Spain. Annie has written for a bundle of quality press newspapers and has won awards as a travel writer. So definitely worth a look.

Spanish-English Word Connections

This is a useful blog if you’re interested in similarities between English and Spanish. It’s written by Steve who has a passion for words and their histories.

Spain for Pleasure

Check out this blog written by Josh, an English teacher and journalist based in Granada. His blog is full of tips, advice and useful posts.

Notes on a Spanish Valley

Want to find out what it’s like to live in rural Andalucia? Then check out this blog written by Sandra about her life in the campo.

Jenna de las Letras

Fancy reading about flamenco? This is a great blog written by Jenna about life in Madrid as a flamenco dancer and English teacher.

Toledo – Always wanted to check this place out.
Photo by DBduo Photography


Interested in Madrid then check out this blog. It has loads of information about things to do in Madrid, places to go and cool stuff to see.

Country life in Spain

What’s it like living in the country in Spain? Check out this blog written by Margaret who lives in Almeria.

Spring in Seville

This blog, written by Amanda, is about her life studying abroad in Seville. It’s a great blog with useful articles about life over here in Seville and what it’s really like to be a student while living abroad.

Adventures in Sevilla

This blog, written by Tanya, is about her life studying abroad in Seville too. It also has some great posts about Spain and other places she has visited.

That’s all for now but I aim to keep this updated. If you write a blog about Spain then feel free to add it via a comment below. Cheers.