Is Brexit going to force Brits out of Spain?

I think it’s taken a while for this whole Brexit nonsense to sink in, but it finally is, after almost seven months. I guess I’m actually a bit miffed, confused, and concerned about what is really going to happen.

Time to panic about Brexit? Photo by Frankenstein

After reading an article on The Olive Press about how Theresa May has had talks with the Bearded Rajoy regarding whether or not they’ll be slinging out all the British Expats from Spain, I’m starting to consider the consequences.

I’ve been living in Seville since 2005. I’m married to a Spanish woman, have two Spanish kids, and we own a house. I’ve been paying my taxes since I arrived, unlike a lot of Spanish nationals, and like to think I contribute to the welfare of the Spanish community, since I’m an English teacher.

So, would they actually sling me out? For being British? Surely it would cause an uproar to decide on kicking us out, I mean, the majority of us probably voted to stay in Europe, I know I did.

Is someone just going to turn up at my door one day and kick me out my own house? Maybe they’ll come to my workplace and drag me out while I’m explaining the difference between past simple and past continuous? Or perhaps catch me ‘in the street’ as I’m walking my kids to school and inform me that I’m just not wanted anymore?

It just seems bizarre to me that they’d be able to kick us out. I’m hoping I’m safe, but I guess I might have to get some sort of Spanish nationality, which I don’t want to. I love Spain, but have no interest in giving up my British passport. From what I’ve heard, if I want to be a Spanish national, then Britain will only allow me to have one passport.

According to the article, it seems as though May and Rajoy were in talks for a whole 25 minutes, probably enough time for a quick beer and a tapas, and decided that it was “important to think about the future relationship as well as the detailed exit arrangement, so that we can give greater certainty for people and businesses who want to live and work in each other’s countries.”

I like that, ‘think about,’ that’s all everyone has been doing since the results came through, but when are they going to come to an agreement? I hope she does, for her, and the local Spanish people’s sake. Can you imagine what 300,000 peeved off Brits might end up doing to Spain? It could be like Loret de Mar, but on a national scale.

What do you think? Are you worried about getting kicked out of Spain? Would you become a Spanish national to avoid losing your life here? Or would you be glad to go?

8 thoughts on “Is Brexit going to force Brits out of Spain?”

  1. I sincerely doubt you will be kicked out. More likely you will be treated as I am. I am an American resident in Spain. I have a US passport and went through the legal process of becoming a resident. I own no property, though. I never tried to buy property. I have purchased my own health insurance which is a significant cost.

    1. Hey Barry,

      Great name mate. Yeah I guess you’re right. We did private health care while my wife was pregnant but don’t bother anymore, not for the moment anyway. How complicated was the process to become a resident being American?

      Thanks for writing

      1. It was difficult collecting all the documents and took about three months to get the temporary residency. As an American I had to get an initial visa in person in NYC requiring two trips to the consulate there.

  2. I wouldn’t say my thoughts exactly, pero casi… It’s probably quite unlikely we’ll all get kicked out, or at least I’d like to think so. But I must admit I have contemplated every one of those scenarios too, and I honestly can’t say at this moment in time what I’d choose if forced to decide between taking Spanish nationality and leaving the country.
    It would be nice to have some certainty regarding the future of British nationals in Spain but I’m afraid at the moment we have little choice but to wait and wonder.

    1. Indeed, pero casi!

      I think if I was forced I’d have to become a Spanish national, although I’m not really up for it. Who knows how long the effects are going to take to come in though. Where about’s are you based?

      Thanks for writing.

  3. In Spain there are living way more than 300K Brits. Like EU nationals in UK, after the Brexit, you can live in Spain while you’re working and paying your taxes. The problem is, that the vast majority of the Brits living in Spain are retired people, leeches who get everything for free while they don’t pay for anything and while they don’t want to integrate themselves into the Spanish society. They don’t even want to learn Spanish. That vast majority of Brits should be kicked out of Spain as soon as the Brexit becomes effective, and they will.

    1. Thanks for writing John.

      I know what you mean. Not sure I would call them leeches though, but there are plenty of leeches in the world.

      I think if they do kick them out then they would lose a hell of a lot of income though, and I’m not sure if Spain are in a position to turn down business…

      Are you based in Spain?

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