Top Spain and Expat blogs: Brexit in Spain, food to try before you die, and Eurovision 2017.

Here’s this months top blogs I’ve read about life in Spain and being an expat.

Jamoncito bueno…Photo by Andrea Terzini

Food you should try before you…

Die. Or maybe just in a weekend while you’re on holiday. Check out this article on Matador Network titled 11 food experiences you should have in Spain before you die.

Brexit affecting Spain?

Not really according to this article on The Local ES which states that Brits still love Spain, and so they should!

A picture paints a thousand words

I usually browse a few pictures of Spain before I write, just for some inspiration. So, check out this post on Doran Erickson Photography which has a great selection of photos of Spain from December 2016 to January 2017.

Being an Expat

There’s an interesting post by Mariana on Life with an Italian about What no one told her about being an expat. I think every expat could relate to her experiences in one way or another.

Spain in Eurovision 2017

My god, it’s already here. Have a look at this post of you’re a Eurovision fan for the possible candidates for Spain’s song. I’m going for Mirela.

That’s all for this month. Cheers.



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