Best 10 websites for learning Spanish

Following on from my blog last week of the Best ways to learn Spanish, I thought I’d make up a blog of all the websites I’ve used over the years to improve my Spanish. So, here goes.

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Spanish Listening

This is really useful for, you guessed it, listening in Spanish. You can click on various videos and watch and do vocabulary activities too. You can search by level and topic as well, so it narrows down your search.

Spanish Verb Forms

Nightmare, just a nightmare. Who the hell decided to change the ends of all the verbs depending on the tense? Well, this website is as good as any for a detailed definition, plus each of the verb forms.

Lingus TV

This is an entertaining way to improve you Spanish with various mini clips, soap opera style. They also have a range of levels and you can select the topic of the video. The clips are a bit of fun, and also have subtitles.


Another great listening website. You can search again on different topics, reads texts while you listen, answer questions, and have mini tests.

Mi Vida Loca

This is actually on the BBC. It’s like a mini series with 22 different episodes. I haven’t watched it yet, but it doesn’t look too bad.

Spanish Resources

This has a load of Spanish resources. You can get listening, reading, writing, and speaking worksheets. You do need to sign up for this one though.

Tele Mundo

This is a varied website full of news, soap operas, series, and entertainment to keep you busy while you’re improving your Spanish.

Hello World

This is great for beginners, and also kids. It has a range of games, puzzles, spelling, and also worksheets.

Univision Novelas

You can’t get any cheesier than these soap operas, but they’re worthing giving a go to pick up new accents and to widen your vocabulary.


To raise your Spanish up to a high standard and also keep up with the news, have a look at Euronews. It has some great videos too.

There are probably loads more out there, but these are just a few of my favourites, which others do you know? Do you use any of the above? 



2 thoughts on “Best 10 websites for learning Spanish”

  1. I did 3 years at evening classes trying to learn Spanish! Our first teacher was Spanish born, married to an Englishman and her way of teaching was to teach us as if we were children. She explained that her daughter had been born in the UK but was bi-lingual because she absorbed the language of her mother and her father, and like our own children who learn to speak English, we don’t teach them by sitting down and explaining the grammar they pick it up as the go.

    Our 2n teacher, again Spanish and married to an Englishman was determined that we would all learn the full grammar and the tenses and the change of endings etc. For some it came quite easy for others it was less easy and when she then organised a trip to Spain to practice things changed and her focus was almost totally on those who’d gone and those of us who couldn’t afford the cost (which was higher than a package holiday!) felt left behind. She also had us translating a detective novel which was set in South America where the Spanish is slightly different to mainlaind Spain.

    I gave up after the 3rd year and now only get to practice when I’m away. I’m ok ordering food and buying things so get by but really do want to get my head around it more and be able to converse in Spanish with my Spanish friends. I know I would improve so much if I was to live in Spain, because I’m not a Brit who thinks its not worth it because most people in Spain know English. When we’re over I do try to watch some Spanish TV even if its only gameshows or the news.

    I’ll have a look at some of the links you’ve put as I’ve not come across them before, although I may have seen the BBC one before, will have to have a look.

    1. Hey Ceejay,

      Thanks for writing again. Sounds like you had an interesting experience. I’d be interested in knowing the techniques of the teacher with the bi-lingual system, that must be the best way. Yeah you have to be here really to pick it up well enough, or at least have a decent amount of exposure. Hope the links were of use.


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