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Best Blogs about Spain: Desert coming, Olive Oil, and tapas…

I’ve decided to bring back my monthly list of the best blogs and posts about Spain and Expat life. Here’s a list of the best ones I’ve read in the last month.

Southern Spain could end up like this… Photo by Moyan Brenn

Southern Spain a Desert

This summer has been the hottest for me in the last 10 years, so it’s no surprise that people are saying Southern Spain will turn into a desert by the start of next century. I guess that means I don’t need to worry anymore about the local government wanting to build a park in front of my house.

Olive Oil

You can’t live in Spain for long without becoming a slight addict to this medicinal liquid. I used to think it was vile and expensive, but I now see the benefits of using it over traditional sunflower oil. Check out this blog on Lindsey O’Connor’s website, titled Can I get more olive oil please.

A-Z of Spanish Cuisine

Have a look at Josh’s latest post on Spain for Pleasure titled The Eatapas A-Z of Spanish Cuisine. It’s a great run down on useful and interesting facts about eating in Spain, which we all love to do!

Views of Toledo

If you’re thinking of going to Toledo then have a look at this post on ISA Student Blog written by Clarissa Fischer titled Breathtaking Views of Toledo.

Seville Series and Mr Cake

Have you heard of a cake shop in Seville called Mr Cake? Well, me neither. Check out this post by Jordan, a university student, who is also writing about his adventures in Seville. The post is called Seville Series, Mr Cake.

That’s all for this month. Hope you enjoyed these posts.

6 thoughts on “Best Blogs about Spain: Desert coming, Olive Oil, and tapas…”

  1. Not long discovered your blog and I love it. I love Spain and although don’t get to go as often as I like its great to read all about things from another person’s perspective. The Costa Del Sol is where we usually go, between Malaga and Marbella mostly, and we love to travel in land to the white villages and especially Ronda. We have Spanish friends who run eco tours and manage the Nature Reserve at Ojen. Also, we have a friend who runs a great restaurant in Sitio de Calahonda who has recently become involved in promoting the wines of Ronda, so I see things from the Spanish and the ex-pat views from our British friends who live there.

    Thank you for an interesting and entertaining blog, which makes me want to start my own blog up again 🙂

    1. Hey,

      Wow, such nice words. Thanks a lot. Glad my blog has inspired you. Ronda is one of my all time favourite places in Spain. It’s so pretty there and it was a lovely place to stroll about and take in the world. Promoting wines of Ronda? Sounds like a great job. How often do you visit then?

      1. You’re welcome. We only get to visit every other year (used to own a timeshare and banked the week we owned to get 2 weeks the next year) and due to OH’s work we go in September usually because the weather is so good.

        We’ll be back there in September next year with a week in Mijas Pueblo during Feria week and then onto Dona Lola at Sitio de Calahonda for our second week (we used to own a timeshare in Calahonda before we got rid of it).

        I need to update my blog with my week in Tenerife last April, I’m not very prolific, although I have a friend in Tenerife who posts daily! If you’re interested my blog is

        Look forward to your next blog.

      2. Wow that’s lucky you get to come over so much. Sounds like you see more of the country than me, tend to tour most of the parks in Sevilla at the weekends at the moment just taking the kids out so they use up their energy. Will take a look at your blog. Good luck with that.

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