Falling for Flamenco, Flamenco

Finally the writing magic has come

It’s been a long time coming, but finally my fingers were taken over by the characters of my novel. There I was, bashing away at the last chapter, heading for the ending that I’d planned, when something totally unexpected happened.

Finally my characters took their own path. Photo by gorfor

It was something I’d read about on a writing course, and also from self-help books about writing. The characters started to choose their own paths, their own destiny, right as I was coming to the end. It was a weirdly powerful moment, curious to both my mind and soul, but a new end just sprung up out of nowhere.

Of course, I had an idea what was going to happen. While I wrote my first draft I knew from the start how it was going to end. During the second, a lot of changes took place randomly, and the whole act of writing was so much more emotional. Not only because I could see what the characters wanted to do, but also because all those hours of writing, editing, thinking, changing, were finally coming towards the end product. My first novel is almost ready to be published.

So, what’s left? I’ll hopefully finish the 2nd draft this week. Then, once I’ve taken a break from my novel and changed the look out of this blog, (after going to wordpress.org with my other blog, I’ve realised the importance of style and design and also creating an email list for potential readers who might be interested in my writing) I’ll have a final read before sending it to family and friends. Once I’ve done a final edit I’ll be paying for a professional editor to have a look and also paying for an ebook cover, before finally getting it out there for people to enjoy.

Then I’ll get cracking on the sequel.

It’s a weird feeling finally having written a novel. If I think of how it all started one afternoon as I was walking round the Jardines de Murillo in Sevilla, wondering how I could capture the essence of how my wife and I got together, but in more exotic surroundings and with a touch of flamenco. So to travel on this journey with Charlie and Mercedes, has been quiet magical. It’s a dream come true, to be able to get a novel out there, 300 pages, 100,000 words, a new world, that I created, and for others to enjoy. Hopefully I can entertain enough people for them to be ready and waiting for my second.

So, if you are interested in reading a contemporary fiction romance novel about a relationship between an English guitarist and Spanish flamenco dancer, and how they battle against the odds stacked against them, then be sure to follow me and get ready for your chance to buy Falling for Flamenco, coming early next year.

Thanks for reading.

1 thought on “Finally the writing magic has come”

  1. Love your articles, can relate to them as I am english living in Spain. Look forward to reading your book, let us know when it is published, keep the articles coming.
    Best regards,

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