Falling for Flamenco

A Novel Spain is nothing without a novel…

Hence the reason I stopped blogging properly for about a year. I’ve been busy, not only bringing up two kids and updating my other blog Baztefl.com, but also bashing out my first contemporary romance fiction novel, Falling for Flamenco, which should be ready to publish at the start of 2017.

I’ve just finished a 2nd draft and sent it to a few family members and colleagues to have a read. Then I plan to get it professionally edited, get a cover designed, and then self-publish it.

Falling for flamenco
Jardines de murillo, Sevilla, where I first started to get ideas for writing my novel. Photo by agvnono

What’s Falling for Flamenco about?

It starts off in the eyes of Charlie, a genius guitarist, who desperately needs to close a deal in his crappy sales job in order to get enough of a bonus to move out and impress Cass, his potential girlfriend. But after everything, and I mean everything, goes wrong, he stumbles across a flamenco joint in Camden and decides it’s time to start a new life in Sevilla, where he can focus on learning the flamenco guitar (and not get distracted by any gorgeous Spanish flamenco dancers) .

Meanwhile, in Sevilla, Mercedes, a shy, but passionate flamenco dancer, has had enough of the ridiculous Sevillano Mummy’s boys she’s been dating recently. She needs to find someone more special, less macho, and who can make his own decision without consulting his bloody Mama.

Luckily, her best mate, Lola, who recently saved her from embarrassment after she fell during her first live flamenco show thanks to some harsh comments from a couple of sleazy guys in the audience, makes her consider that maybe foreign lads are the way to go.

As luck would have it, Charlie, who at the time is being accompanied by her new Sevillano guitar teacher, sees Mercedes in a performance. Their eyes meet, is it love at first sight? Niether of them are really sure, but something inside both of them are what keeps them fighting against family and cultural differences to find out if they are actually made to perform, and be, together.

So, if you like reading light hearted romance stories set in Spain, with a few humorous scenes to have a laugh on the way, then keep your eyes out for Falling for Flamenco, due out early 2017. This is the first book of three, and the following two will take you through their lives together while actually getting to know each other and becoming the ultimate Spanglish couple.

What about A Novel Spain?

Well, there’s a slight change in focus, but I’ll be blogging once a week, probably on a Wednesday about the following.

  • Book reviews: either about Spain, travel, or contemporary romance, or all three if I can find any like that.
  • Culture shock: personal anecdotes about my experiences living in Spain.
  • Travel: Not that I’m doing loads at the moment, but still, I’m a huge travel fan.
  • Expat world: this will include articles, resources, advice, and inspiration about becoming an expat in Spain.
  • Writing: as I’m sure most people following my blog will write, I’ll be writing about my novels, the highs and lows, where I get my ideas from and the characters.
  • Humour: I guess the main reason I write is to try to entertain people, so if nothing more then maybe you can get a giggle or two from one of my blabbering posts.

That’s about it, for now, but we all know things can change in the blogging world. So, if you’d like to follow me then just click on the social buttons at the top of the page or subscribe to my blog for constant updates of life in Spain, plus any news on my novels.

Thanks for getting this far, even if you only read the words in bold.

3 thoughts on “A Novel Spain is nothing without a novel…”

  1. Good luck with the novel, Barry! I’m a ‘guiri’ (actually hate being called that) living close to you. Enjoyed reading your blog and started my own with lots of photos. Onwards and upwards! 😉

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