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Is country life all it’s cracked up to be?

life in the country
This is not my house. Photo by Moyan-Brenn

Well, there aren’t pigs trotting about, or cows waking us up in the morning with some noisy mooing, but life out nearer the country is, as we’d hoped, a lot more pleasant. It’s been about three months since we moved out the centre of Sevilla and I miss it less as each day goes by.

If you’re thinking of moving to the outskirts of a city, especially in Spain, then have a look at my latest article for Expat Focus titled You can’t beat a bit of Country Air. I babble on about being close to nature, country air, the lack of noise, and outside space.

For a look at some of my other articles about expat life then look here.

2 thoughts on “Is country life all it’s cracked up to be?”

  1. Hi Barry,
    I’ve just happened upon your blog which was fortunate as my family and I have just moved to Seville (Simon Verde) from Salisbury! I have a question which doesn’t seem to be related to anything you have written about (sorry!) but seeing as we’ve only been here two weeks, I thought it worth a try asking a complete stranger!
    We have a 6 month old cockerpoo called Chester and are going away for the first week in August and can’t take him. I see you mentioned owning a dog. I wondered whether you had any tips/contacts of people who may be able to look after him for the week in their own home/kennels please? Any help you can offer will be much appreciated!
    Thanks a million.

    1. Hey Jane,

      Sorry for the late reply. Sorry I don’t really know anyone or any institutions. We normally leave ours with the inlaws, and she comes back much blacker than living out here in the country. Did you manage to find anyone? I’m in Mairena, not far from Simon Verde…
      Thanks for writing.

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