From One to Two, From a Dog to a Zoo

About three weeks back, a good friend of mine asked me how it was going.

“How you coping with two kids? Hair gone grey yet? Do you know the expression from one to two, from a dog to a zoo?”

I’d never heard it before, but after just a week of being a dad of two little monkeys, with only 18 months apart, I knew exactly what he was going on about.

dog to zoo
“How long shall we give them before we start screaming for food?” “Let’s just get on with it.” Photo by Herls Tom

As a dog owner I can safely say that looking after a westie is no comparison to trying to manage two kids. Westies don’t interrupt your sleep, they don’t need burping at 5am after a bottle of milk, and when hungry they don’t scream as if you’ve just dipped their toe in a boiling cup of water.

I’ve been to a few zoos around the world, but I’ve never been drawn to the idea of feeding penguins for a living, running after giraffes in the evening to get them back in their tall houses, or having to clean out monkey cages. I guess it’s hard to compare my new life to one of a zoo keeper, but I reckon a zoo keeper probably has it quite easy. Continue reading “From One to Two, From a Dog to a Zoo”

Expat Issues

Just how much better is NHS in Spain compared to private healthcare?

Finally A Novel Spain is back. After a crazy month of having a second child and moving house I’ve finally had a bit of time to write. This article on Expat Focus talks about the differences between having a baby via private healthcare, in our case Sanitas, to the Spanish NHS system.

Virgen de rocio
Not a bad place to have a baby…Virgen de Rocio, Sevilla. Photo by Tom Raftery

If you’d asked me before having kids which one I thought would be better, I’d have said private by a long shot, which was why we chose that route. But we were pleasantly surprised our second time round. The article is titled Hat’s off to Spain’s baby popping out team.

I’ll only be posting every two weeks for the foreseeable future. Life with two kids is pretty mental, which you’ll hear more about in my next blog.