Book Excerpt: Meet the Sister

To celebrate selling over 3,000 copies of my book Teaching English in a Foreign Land, I’ve decided to run a free kindle book promotion this weekend. I wrote this book to inspire people to travel the world and teach English, which is exactly what I did a few years back. To get an idea of the style of the book have a look at this excerpt from Chapter 15, when I met one of the most influential people on my adventure.

Teaching in Bangkok
Amazing place to live, Bangkok. Photo by Stuck in Customs

“Now you have interview with sister,” said Siriluck, the hamster faced Thai woman I’d been liaising with from Australia. Siriluck was an agent who found teachers for schools. I know, I thought she was a man, but that was just the first surprise when I arrived in Bangkok.

“What, your sister works in the school?” I asked. Siriluck giggled as she drove on. For 10am the traffic was horrendous. A gang of motorbikes whizzed past my open window and petrol fumes shot up my nose. Continue reading “Book Excerpt: Meet the Sister”

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Who, who, who, who, who don’t clean their dog crap?

Not to be read if you are about to have lunch, especially if you’re thinking of serving up sausages, mini chipolatas, or chocolate flakes.

Expat dog poo
Wouldn’t mind a bit of that over here. Photo by Big Richard C

A couple of weeks back, on a chilly morning as I took out my dog Pepa to do her daily necessities, I had an uplifting chat with an elderly Spanish lady. Pepa was scrunched up in a ball, squeezing out her chocolate tum tums, when I caught a glimpse of a seventy-odd year old couple waddling towards me.

Damn, she’s bound to say one of the following, I thought.

“Take her to the dog park.” (What the one about 3kms away?)

“How can something so little make something so big?” (I ask myself that everyday)


“That’s disgusting, can’t she do that in your toilet.” (I’d like to see you try train her, luv). Continue reading “Who, who, who, who, who don’t clean their dog crap?”

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Why you should try being an expat

Considering leaving your home soil for some fresh mud? Ever wondered what it would be like to live abroad in a foreign country where no one knows your name, cares about what you have for breakfast, or gives a damn about your bizarre taste in trashy pop music? It’s not for everyone, you have to be a bit mental, like putting yourself through agonising situations, and have enough patience to tolerate frustrating foreign bus drivers.

Expat life in Spain - curiosity
Nothing more to say. Photo by mnwatts

If you think you might be up to the challenge of being an expat, more difficult than just going on a safe trip around the world, then have a look at my latest blog on Expat Focus titled Why everyone should have a bash at being an expat. In the article I talk about the power of curiosity, learning another language, in need of fresh romance, and wanting to have a fistful of anecdotes to tell your loved ones.

If you’re keen to know more about Expat Life in Spain then check out my Columnist page.

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