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Are you a life-long expat?

Sometimes I forget how beautiful Sevilla can be. Photo by Calvo Pastor
Sometimes I forget how beautiful Sevilla can be.
Photo by Calvo Pastor

Do you think you could be an expat for the rest of your life? Maybe you’ve already stepped too far over the line and haven’t realised it yet, but how do you know?

To find out some sure signs have a look at my latest blog on Expat Focus titled How you know when you’ve become a life-long expat. In this article I write about speaking a weird mixed nationality language, wondering where your home is, when the buzz disappears, and how routine sets in.

To have a look at some of my other articles for Expat Focus have a look at my columnist page.

4 thoughts on “Are you a life-long expat?”

  1. Great article…I have been in Italy for 8 years, but still feel like a tourist. Probably because our home is very Americanized in the sense that we only speak English (despite the fact that my husband is Italian), I speak a lot with my sisters and parents by phone..(feels like they are down the street)..I have: *gasp* a dryer! So when I venture out, I still feel like an outsider, despite the fact that I stop and talk to friends, neighbors, the butcher, etc…on the street.

    1. Thanks very much. I’m sure it must be tricky out in Italy too. I used to want to live and teach there for a while, taught Italians and some really nice people. Can imagine it’s the same out there though, unless you get in with the mafia. What do you do out there?

    1. I’m not so sure. I loved Santander, Oviedo, and La Coruña…Sevilla is pretty, but take away the cathedral and the river and you’re left with a typical dull Spanish town…great for bikes though!

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