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Best Blogs about Spain and Expat Life: Hong Kong, House Mates from Hell and more…

This is the second in the series of the best blogs I’ve read recently about Spain and expat Life. The idea of these blogs is to give you quick access to some useful and informative posts, so here goes.

Could you live in Hong Kong? Photo by davidyuweb
Could you live in Hong Kong?
Photo by davidyuweb

Ever thought about being an Expat in Hong Kong?

Friends of mine lived there for a while, but they didn’t last long. If you’re interested in knowing more about the pros and cons of being an expat in Hong Kong then check out Dee Quinn’s latest blog. It takes a massive jump to become an expat, especially with kids, so have a read.

Camino de Santiago

I should have done this before I had a boy, so I guess he’ll just have to come when he is old enough to walk. If you’re thinking about doing it, or just want to reminisce, then check out this post by Melissa titled Walking the Walk.

House Mates from Hell

All expats, and most English teachers, are bound to have a few horror anecdotes about mental house mates they have lived with over the years. I know I have a few; idea for my next blog maybe. Anyway, check out this post titled Housemate Horrors by Zanna Parish who lives in Madrid.

Dancing in Sevilla

I really enjoyed reading this post by Sharon about a trip to Sevilla where she learnt to dance drunk. Sharon took a load of great photos of Sevilla too, so it’s worth checking out.

What do Madrileños care about?

Or not care about? Well, according to Raine Giorgio there are a few amusing things. Check out her post titled 5 things Madrileños absolutely do not care about for some shits and giggles.

That’s all for this month. Read anything funny or interesting recently? Drop me a comment with a link below. Quite happy for shameless self promoting too, unless you are a twaty SEO know-it-all.

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Do you get treated unfairly as a foreigner?

I’ve always wondered whether I do or not, but this summer I found out for sure. Straight from the bull’s mouth, as it were. It all happened in the exotic location of Benalmadena, Malaga.

It's actually got a pretty harbour! Photo by Julio Codesal
It’s actually got a pretty harbour!
Photo by Julio Codesal

It was our second day in the 4 star hotel-apartment as we came back after lunch to get out of the heat. When we turned up at the room the head maid was just going in (it helps to know we’d had a chat with her the day before in the corridor, all in Spanish, and the following conversation was also in Spanish).

“Oh,” she said, looking down at her list of rooms. “I didn’t realise you guys were in this room.”

“Yeah we are,” said my wife. Continue reading “Do you get treated unfairly as a foreigner?”

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Is returning home an option?

Could you leave your expat country? Photo by boltron
Could you leave your expat country?
Photo by boltron

Do you ever wonder about whether you could return home to your native country forever? I reckon I do at least once or twice a day. I might get annoyed about something and think I’d be better off in England, see a new photo of my nephew and wish I could just pop round the corner and take him out for a game of footy, or get to Friday evening and wish I could go out for a few beers with my mates from back home. But could I ever return for good? I’m not sure.

If this happens to you, then have a look at my latest article on Expat Focus titled Could you ever return home for good? I talk about reasons why I could go home, such as banter, London, and Premiership football, and also reasons why I couldn’t, like the weather, pace of life and cost.

To have a look at other articles I’ve written for Expat Focus check out my columnist page.

I’ve been a bit slack on posts over the summer, but things should be returning back to normal now. Cheers.