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Are you interested in Flamenco?

It’s hard to live in Seville and not be influenced by flamenco. While working on my novel I’ve been doing some research and these are the websites I’ve found most useful, informative and entertaining. Hope they come in handy to you as well.

flamenco feet
Photo by magali pomier

Flamenco World

Just as the name suggests, this website has every thing you need to know about the world of flamenco. It’s got sections on:

  • Flamenco artists: this includes a detailed biography of the most important people in flamenco, whether they are singers, dancers or guitarists.
  • A collection of brilliant videos of singing, dancing and guitarists playing.
  • An online magazine with news, interviews, features, and festivals.
  • You can even subscribe and get weekly updates of news, offers and events.


This online magazine is an excellent hub for finding out about all aspects of flamenco. You can…

  • Discover flamenco events throughout Spain and also around the world.
  • Read about artists of cante, guitarra, and baile.
  • Search Spain for shops, courses, tablaos, schools, guitar shops, flamenco bars and even theatres.
  • Watch tons of flamenco videos on the guitar, singing and also dancing.

Official Andalucia

The official Andalucia website has a useful flamenco section with information on

  • History and origins of flamenco.
  • Flamenco styles including fandango, bulerias, soleares and martinetes.
  • A tourist section.
  • A gallery of artists.
  • A flamenco dictionary.
  • Events calendar.
  • Flamenco routes.

La Bienal de Flamenco Sevilla

Every year this flamenco festival takes place in Sevilla (normally in September and October) and this website is worth checking out for every thing you need to know about the festival, plus news, press articles, images, and details on previous festivals.

All about Spain 

This website has a decent couple of pages on what flamenco is, it’s history, important artists, and fiestas and traditions.

Flameco singer
Classic flamenco singer. Photo by Stefan Kirkl

Flamenco Festival

Flamenco festival has a ton of information about flamenco festivals around the world. It covers places such as New York, London, Moscow, and Japan. It also has heaps of information about various artists including videos of performances, history, and up and coming events.

Flamenco in Washington DC

I’ve found Miguelito’s website about life as a flamenco guitarist really interesting. He’s been playing in DC since 1991 and knows a lot of people in the flamenco industry. He has over 600 blog posts which cover a wide range of topics and an extensive list of flamenco teachers.

The Flamenco Project

This website by Steve Kahn has a great collection of photos and images about flamenco over the last century. Steve’s project is about creating awareness of flamenco greats and their impact on history.

Do you know of any decent flamenco websites? Maybe you own one and want to add a link below, that’s fine with me. Hope this helps.

6 thoughts on “Are you interested in Flamenco?”

  1. Good links, thanks for posting. I do like flamenco and it can bring tears to my eyes sometimes. There is a book I found really informative, ‘Song of the outcasts’ by Robin Totton, has a cd as well so you can sample what the book’s about, also details the history of flamenco and the different types of songs.

  2. Awesome resource and will enjoy researching this more in my own free time.Love to be connected to your world and work ! One day they will have to throw in the towel where you live and at least award you a very elevated level of “Guiri” status. Your deep love for this region of Spain and these cultural insights are much enjoyed and appreciated. From Wendy above will try to check out the book by Totton. It is another cold and unbearably grey day in Ireland, so the thoughts of Flamenco and warm Spanish skies are especially welcome here.

    1. Thanks again. I think you must be my number one fan, apart from my wife of course. Have you got an interest in Flamenco then? Are there any flamenco tablaos over in Ireland?

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