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More excellent blogs about Spain

After the success of a post on my other blog titled Best Expat blogs about Spain, I’ve started following a few more blogs about Spain and have compiled this new list. Hope you find them useful.

Spain square
Spain square – Photo by emildom75

Chica Andaluza is a great blog about a City Slicker turned Spanish Chica. Her funny and informative blogs are well worth a read if you’re interested in Spanish food and life in the mountains.

Mooching around Spain

This is an excellent blog about Annie Bennett’s travels around Spain. Annie has written for a bundle of quality press newspapers and has won awards as a travel writer. So definitely worth a look.

Spanish-English Word Connections

This is a useful blog if you’re interested in similarities between English and Spanish. It’s written by Steve who has a passion for words and their histories.

Spain for Pleasure

Check out this blog written by Josh, an English teacher and journalist based in Granada. His blog is full of tips, advice and useful posts.

Notes on a Spanish Valley

Want to find out what it’s like to live in rural Andalucia? Then check out this blog written by Sandra about her life in the campo.

Jenna de las Letras

Fancy reading about flamenco? This is a great blog written by Jenna about life in Madrid as a flamenco dancer and English teacher.

Toledo – Always wanted to check this place out.
Photo by DBduo Photography


Interested in Madrid then check out this blog. It has loads of information about things to do in Madrid, places to go and cool stuff to see.

Country life in Spain

What’s it like living in the country in Spain? Check out this blog written by Margaret who lives in Almeria.

Spring in Seville

This blog, written by Amanda, is about her life studying abroad in Seville. It’s a great blog with useful articles about life over here in Seville and what it’s really like to be a student while living abroad.

Adventures in Sevilla

This blog, written by Tanya, is about her life studying abroad in Seville too. It also has some great posts about Spain and other places she has visited.

That’s all for now but I aim to keep this updated. If you write a blog about Spain then feel free to add it via a comment below. Cheers.

9 thoughts on “More excellent blogs about Spain”

  1. I´ve just signed up for your blog, having read one post, through you signing up for mine.

    My short stories Missives from Santa Catalin about Spain appear under a pen name on

  2. Hey Barry, thanks for this link which I’ve just discovered. A bit late, but better now than never…
    I was searching your blog for a contact e-mail. Would you like to take part in the ‘Meet my Character’ blog tour?
    The way it works:- I have been tagged [on my writing blog] for the tour by a fellow author. I will post my article in a couple of weeks after hers has appeared. Dates seem to be loose on this blog tour, which is rather nice! My article will include 2-4 other authors I nominate to pass the blog tour onto, including a short bio about each.
    Would you like to take part?
    There are seven questions to answer about the key character of your current novel, either the one you are currently writing or one recently published. It’s a great opportunity to promote your book and find new readers.
    Click on the link below to see how the blog tour works, this is the post nominating Judith Frances Field who in turn nominated me.!title/cjxu/meet-my-character-blog-tour-
    If you want to take part, all you have to do now is e-mail me ASAP with a short bio about yourself [just a para] plus a link to your website or blog. Then decide which 2-4 other authors you want to pass the blog tour onto, and confirm it with them.
    Hope you say yes! Please let me know, even if it’s to say no. Thanks.
    sdan2364 [at] btinternet [dot] com

    1. Hey Sandra,

      Sorry for the late reply. Yeah that sounds like a great idea. I’m a bit busy at the moment though and heading back to the uk, when do you need it done by?

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