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After the success of a post on my other blog titled Best Expat blogs about Spain, I’ve started following a few more blogs about Spain and have compiled this new list. Hope you find them useful.

Spain square
Spain square – Photo by emildom75

Chica Andaluza is a great blog about a City Slicker turned Spanish Chica. Her funny and informative blogs are well worth a read if you’re interested in Spanish food and life in the mountains.

Mooching around Spain

This is an excellent blog about Annie Bennett’s travels around Spain. Annie has written for a bundle of quality press newspapers and has won awards as a travel writer. So definitely worth a look.

Spanish-English Word Connections

This is a useful blog if you’re interested in similarities between English and Spanish. It’s written by Steve who has a passion for words and their histories.

Spain for Pleasure

Check out this blog written by Josh, an English teacher and journalist based in Granada. His blog is full of tips, advice and useful posts.

Notes on a Spanish Valley

Want to find out what it’s like to live in rural Andalucia? Then check out this blog written by Sandra about her life in the campo.

Jenna de las Letras

Fancy reading about flamenco? This is a great blog written by Jenna about life in Madrid as a flamenco dancer and English teacher.

Toledo – Always wanted to check this place out.
Photo by DBduo Photography


Interested in Madrid then check out this blog. It has loads of information about things to do in Madrid, places to go and cool stuff to see.

Country life in Spain

What’s it like living in the country in Spain? Check out this blog written by Margaret who lives in Almeria.

Spring in Seville

This blog, written by Amanda, is about her life studying abroad in Seville. It’s a great blog with useful articles about life over here in Seville and what it’s really like to be a student while living abroad.

Adventures in Sevilla

This blog, written by Tanya, is about her life studying abroad in Seville too. It also has some great posts about Spain and other places she has visited.

That’s all for now but I aim to keep this updated. If you write a blog about Spain then feel free to add it via a comment below. Cheers.

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Never rent a flat from a lawyer

Oh how I love my landlady. She’s such an understanding, polite, honest and sincere person. Or not, as the case is. This is a blog for all those renting in Spain, who may not know about a certain ‘law’ that exists.

We’ve been living in our current flat since 2009 (on a yearly rolling contract). When we moved in it was a palace compared to the box flat we were previously in. The kitchen (no window) was so tiny that the fridge had to be in the lounge (handy for grabbing a cold one while watching the footy). The windowless bathroom was so minute you could brush your teeth while going for a number two. We lasted a year, left during the contract, and there were no problems with our landlord.

View of the Giralda just round the corner

Our current flat is a pleasant two bed place with plenty of wardrobe space, a little balcony to put some flowers and right in the heart of Seville about two minutes away from the cathedral. My only real qualm is the windowless kitchen and bathroom, again. We were happy here, until about a year ago.

The problems started just before last Semana Santa when the dimwit workers in the warehouse directly underneath started making loads of noise. Up until then I hadn’t really noticed the warehouse, which belongs to Robles, one of the most prestigious, stuck up, restaurants in Seville.

The half-brained muppets suddenly started slamming the thick metal door, getting together and chatting loudly right under our window all morning, rolling metal beer barrels on the floor down the street, and they even started working on Sunday mornings, waking us up at 7 am. Then we noticed the lift they used for bringing up stock from the cellar sent pulsing vibrations throughout the whole flat, especially in the bedroom. Throughout Semana Santa it got worse, some days they would start at 6 am. We both started to get really annoyed, unsure how we hadn’t noticed the racket before. So we contacted our landlady, who I shall call R. Continue reading “Never rent a flat from a lawyer”

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How life changes when you’re an Expat Dad

I’m not ashamed to admit that I was terrified about becoming a Dad. First it was the famous ‘sleepless nights’ syndrome. Like most blokes I get grumpy if I don’t have my beauty sleep. I used to have visions of waking up on the last line of the metro with a lovely dribble stain on my jacket, or even dozing off in class to allow my students to cover my face in red board marker.

Boy or girl
How can you buy clothes for someone you have never seen?

Having the responsibility of looking after a baby boy who can only communicate through crying was a definite worry too. My biggest concern questions were: how are you supposed to bath a slippery baby? What about getting it dressed? And how do you change a nappy without getting splashed with wee and poop?

After nearly five months of being a Dad I have to say that all those worries seem like a distant memory. Sure, the first two weeks were mental. Neither of us slept much, but the responsibility of looking after our son gave us extra energy. I soon got the hang of bathing and getting my son dressed and, as of yet, no poop has met my clothing, wee has, several times, but no poop. Continue reading “How life changes when you’re an Expat Dad”

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How can you have breakfast out every morning?

It’s not that I don’t like eating breakfast out. I’m all up for some churros now and then, a warm cup of coffee on a chilly January morning, and even a shot of anis after breakfast on a Sunday, but how Sevillanos, and some guiris, have breakfast out every morning is beyond me.

Busy bar in Seville
Room for a small one?
Photo by Katie G

When I was in my late teens growing up in London, I’d normally meet mates for a fry up to sooth a nasty hangover at the weekend. I used to love the occasion; chatting about the shenanigans of the previous night and normally trying to remember what had happened. It was fun, but I couldn’t do it every morning.

A few things bug me about having breakfast out in Seville. Firstly, the noise; it’s never quiet in a café. I’ve grown to hate the sound of smashing china plates, and knives and forks splattering in the tray. Waiters shouting orders does my head in too. Sometimes the volume of locals speaking is so loud that you can’t hear the person in front talking. If I’m not properly awake when I go in the café, I sure am when I leave. Continue reading “How can you have breakfast out every morning?”